Job Openings in A.N.Prakash Management Consultancy | Bangalore | Hyderabad

The evolution of the CPMC industry over the last thirty years and has taught ANP the importance of optimally managing Materials, Machines and Manpower along with a host of other processes. At every stage of project life cycle, the principles of pro-activeness and creating a win-win situation are necessary keeping in mind customers’ requirements. ANP has refined their supervision process to deliver excellence to clients. They understand the problem at hand and define the path that’ll lead to desired goals.

Project Manager- Civil
Experience: 10-15 years
Job location: Hyderabad

Job Description:

  • Oversee construction projects from beginning to end
  • Manage the budget and estimate costs
  • Determine the necessary equipment, materials, and manpower needed
  • Keep track of inventory, tools and equipment
  • Prepare reports regarding job status
  • Resolve any problems that may arise
  • Ensure compliance with safety regulations and building codes.


Assistant Business Development Executive
Experience: 2-5 years
Job location: Bangalore

Job Description:

  • Must possess strong customer service skills
  • Excellent written and verbal communication
  • Must have good negotiation skills
  • Must be able to create good presentations
  • Must have excellent interpersonal skills
  • Must be detail oriented and an active listener
  • Ability to work under pressure

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